In Egypt Cosmobiopharma is the agent and distributor of Toronto Research Chemicals (TRC) Toronto Research Chemicals, (TRC) manufactures in excess of 60,000 products from a 65,000 sq. ft. facility located in Canada. TRC, supplies compounds for biotechnology research facilities, educational institutions and pharmaceutical companies in more than 65 different countries. Toronto Research Chemicals, (TRC) is staffed with over 80 PHD chemists .TRC manufactures a wide range of custom and unique compounds that are available at;“off the shelf” pricing . The long list of TCR products includes Chemicals like API's Impurities & Metabolites Stable isotope labeled analogues Building blocks Carbohydrates & Oligosaccharides Nucleic acid derivatives Glycosidase Inhibitors Enzyme Activators & Inhibitors Sulfhydryl active reagents Fluorescent reagents and spin labels Nicotine Derivatives Neurochemicals Environmental compounds Mutagens Metabolites Phthalates Retinoids Vitamin D / K derivatives Drugs of Abuse/ Forensic ( reference standards) Phosphates