Pharmaceutical Ingredients

The Egyptian Pharmaceutical market is one of the most lucrative markets in the MENA region . Growth drivers of the Egyptian Pharmaceutical market are numerous including the demographics , Increasing government Spending , Price hikes , …etc… Nevertheless, the Egyptian Pharmaceutical industry will remain dependent on the importation of its raw material . It is estimated that Egypt imports % 85 of its pharmaceutical raw material requirements. Demands of Active Pharmaceuticals (APIs) or Inactives are on the rise . Our partnership with the different Egyptian pharmaceutical manufacturers is well established having a vast and diverse network with the R&D , marketing , and Purchasing departments of many such companies . In fact the pharmaceutical industry is a major market for Cosmobiopharma where we have enjoyed decades of experience . No wonder that Some Pharmaceutical Raw material manufacturers have selected Cosmobiopharma as their agent in Egypt . Among such companies are:


1. Argenol


The leading Spanish Silver manufacturer that has focused its product portfolio on Silver Gold Platinum and Tannic Acid derivatives with their different applications in the various industries including Pharmaceutical , cosmetic and personal care industries


2. Cipla


A pioneer in API manufacturing in India for over 5 decades, Cipla currently manufactures more than 200 generic and complex APIs. Cipla APIs cover a broad spectrum of therapeutic categories that are supplied to some of the major formulation players in the pharmaceutical industry globally over 350 Drug Master Files (DMF) and 70 Certificate of suitability of Monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia (CEPs).In addition, Cipla has a robust pipeline of over 50 APIs at various stages of development and became the top indian pharmaceutical companies. .Moreover Cipla takes pride in its network of modern API manufacturing facilities, all approved by the US FDA and other major international regulatory agencies. The company also maintains the most stringent international standards of quality for all its products


3. Envee


Envee has developed in to a pharmaceutical company with world class expertise in development manufacturing and supply of world class quality of Active pharmaceutical Ingredients at an excellent value in full compliance with standards set by the various regulatory authorities . Currently Envee is a leading manufacturer of Macrolide Antibiotics and Steroids and it has been exporting to more than twenty countries


4. Pharmathen


Pharmathen was founded in 1969 in Athens, as a private pharmaceutical company, and is focused on the development and marketing of pharmaceuticals, with a strong position in generics. With 3 state of the art research laboratories and 2 manufacturing units, Pharmathen is a completely vertically integrated company and its activities extend from the development of pharmaceutical products up to their distribution As Such Pharmaten has a long list of APIs combining its innovation in research and development as well as its excellence in marketing


5. Sarv Biolabs


Since its inception, Sarv Biolabs has been working dedicatedly towards developing and manufacturing high quality phytochemicals (Herbal Drugs & Extracts) in an outstanding facility located right in the foothills of Himalayas in India. This radically exceptional facility not just takes pride in being equipped with the best machines and best technical talent but also of its discipline that ensures strict compliance to regulatory authorities. Sarv Biolabs Pvt. Ltd., a WHO-GMP Standards complying pharmaceutical organization is impelled by this 'Innovation' phenomenon.


6. Stroever Shellack Bremen (SSB)


Established in 1893 the German SSB is the only manufacturer of highest quality de-waxed flake shellacs with reproducible properties in Europe and worldwide . Shellac has various advantages for the pharmaceutical industry, such as the excellent film forming properties, the possibility to accurately control the release rate of the drug, to mask unpleasant tastes and odors, to protect drugs effectively against moisture during storage, the status as FDA approved food additive and the easiness at which it can be handled have made shellac produced by Stroever and known under SSB Pharma to an outstanding ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry.


Besides acting as an agent for the above mentioned companies Cosmobiopharma has become the Egyptian business partner of some leading global manufactures of inactive pharmaceutical raw materials . We are proud to be the business partner of :


1. Cristalco


Cristalco is a French and European Leader of Sugars and Alcohols .Through its unique Pharma grade Sugar PharmaSugar® Cristalco is Your pharmaceutical solution. PharmaSugar® is an expert in Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals, and the benchmark when it comes to formulations with dry or liquid sugars as excipient. PharmaSugar® meets all sorts of demands in the sectors of nutrition, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical outsourcing, and the manufacturing of medicines, parenteral solutions and excipients . Cristalco’s sugars can be used for any purpose, whether it’s tablets, granulation, powder mixtures, confectionary, suspension syrups, or parenteral solutions.




ECSA Chemicals is the largest Swiss owned company, in terms of warehouses owned (Two ) , specializing in the distribution of chemicals. The company has operated in international distribution and trading since 1913 and its Pharmaceutical Division distributes excipients, active ingredients and raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry. ECSA markets basic chemicals (acids, bases and solvents) and some intermediary products excipients (oleochemicals, starches / carbohydrates and their derivatives), essential oils / flavourings and certain active ingredients like vitamins and nutraceuticals


3. Poth-Hille


Poth-Hille Is a UK long established manufacturer and supplier of both natural and synthetic waxes looking to grow their successful business in the cosmetic market sector. As well as a full rage of natural waxes like beeswax, carnauba, rice bran , sunflower and candelilla wax Poth-Hille can offer both synthetic and natural alternatives. Ozokerite and Ceresine Wax, paraffin and microcrystalline wax Poth-Hille can also offer a range of hydrogenated grades of Coconut, castor and rapeseed waxes.