Other Industrial Applications

Our Partners , particularly those manufactures of Chemicals , are offering their ingredients to many other industries that are not related to the Pharmaceutical , Cosmetics and the Food applications . Examples of such applications are numerous


1. Argenol


the leading Spanish Silver manufacturer that has focused its product portfolio on Silver Gold Platinum and Tannic Acid derivatives with their different applications in the various industries To mention but few examples the Silver of Argenol is being extensively used in:

a. Surgical Instruments

b. Surgical Dressings

c. Packaging.

d. Disinfection and Water Purification

e. Antimicrobial fabrics.

f. Pipes


2. Poth-Hille


Poth-Hille Is a UK long established manufacturer and supplier of vast range of wax products with huge diversity of applications. Due to their unique characteristics waxes are an integral part in many industrial products. Whether itís Candle making , coatings polishers rubber, packaging, industrial paint or even dental waxes, Poth Hille are supplying these industries from their wide range of waxes.


3. Stroever Shellack Bremen (SSB)


Established in 1893 the German SSB is the only manufacturer of highest quality de-waxed flake shellacs with reproducible properties in Europe and worldwide . As a renewable raw material Shellac is adopted in several applications. Shellac can be used as a pure shellac solution for furniture polish, and also as a binder for paint. SSB Sanding Sealer can be used as a base coating for all kinds of wood before the painting Other technical applications may include

- Print inks (Binders, in particular for flexographic inks, e.g. for packaging coming into direct contact with food)

- Wood treatment (Primers, high gloss and mat polishes, e.g. for frames, antique furniture, wooden toys)

- Leather (Finish, leather care)

- Textile (Stiffening of hats)

- Electrics (Insulator, lamp socket cement)

- Abrasives (Binder for grinding wheels)