Raw materials for Nutraceuticals

The global nutraceutical market has experienced considerable growth in the period from 2002to 2012. It is estimated that From 1999 to 2002 the industry grew at an annual average growth rate of 7.3 percent, whereas from 2002 to 2012 the rate doubled to 14.7 percent. A market research report produced in 2012 projected that the worldwide nutraceuticals market would reach US$250 billion by 2018. In 2017 the Egyptian nutraceutical market is predicted to show a market share of 21.3% of the MENA market . Thus , nutraceuticals are attractive market segment that has been pursued by many Egyptian manufacturers . Many of partners do have a broad range of Nutraceuticals that do comply with quality standards mandated by the international regulatory authorities . Moreover , our partners are reliable in terms of their accuracy of supply schedule , documentation and technical Support . Among such partners are:


1. Greentech


GREENTECH develops and produces, and can tailor upon request, botanical extracts for nutraceutical and functional food applications. It has full management and control over the agronomic production and the traditional extraction processes, and guarantees a regular quality of its ingredients. GREENTECH offers a diverse portfolio of Nutraceuticals developed from:

- Micro-organisms: prebiotics, probiotics, symbiotics

- Botanical extracts More than 3000 Dry or soft extracts (65 to 80% dry matter) titrated into active molecules, with a higher than average concentration (and with a smaller range) The plantís active ingredients are extracted into an aqueous solution, concentrated then dried. The extract is characterized thanks to new dosing methods perfected by GREENTECH.

- Micro-algae extracted compounds

- Sweeteners: Stevia Rebaudioside A (Reb A 97 GT)

Greentech Nutraceuticals do offer Recognized quality: GMP certification by ANSM (the French Agency for Food and Health Safety), compliance with HACCP protocols. Kosher and Halal certification.


2. Sarv Biolabs


Since its inception, Sarv Biolabs has been working dedicatedly towards developing and manufacturing of high quality standardized herbal Extracts in an outstanding facility located right in the foothills of Himalayas in India. This radically exceptional facility not just takes pride in being equipped with the best machines and best technical talent but also of its discipline that ensures strict compliance to regulatory authorities. The Sarv Biolabsí list of Standardized Herbal extract includes many of the highly demanded Herbal extracts Through our agency for Pharmathen we are representing Ningbo HONOR Chemtech/Exherb Biotech with long list of Standardized extracts and amino acids