Ingredients for Food Industries

Cosmobiopharma is a business partner to many food –ingredient-suppliers. Among these ingredients are Flavors , Colors , herbal extracts sweeteners , Sugars preservatives , vitamins minerals acidity modifiers glazing agents … etc.. The following companies are our partners in the realm of Food Ingredients




ECSA Chemicals is the largest Swiss owned company, in terms of warehouses owned (two ), specializing in the distribution of chemicals. The company has operated in international distribution and trading since 1913 and its food ingredients Division has various categories of raw materials including Preservatives and Acidity Regulators Antioxidants and Acidity Regulators Vitamins Sweeteners Starch and Derivatives Native Starches Modified Starches Carbohydrate - Saccharide (mono-, di-, poly-) Polyol Powder Polyol Syrup Proteins Fibers Enzymes Dry Fruits Oil Seeds and Legumes Nuts and Almonds Milk Derivatives Humectants Flavor Solvent Flavor Enhancers Aroma Essentials Oil Spice Extracts & Oleoresins Colors Glazing Agents Emulsifiers, Stabilizers, Thickeners and Gelling Agents Phosphates Acid, Acidity Regulators, Anti-caking Agents, Bulking Agents, Sequestrants, Firming Agents, Raising Agents, Anti-foaming Agents and Amino acids


2. ElIXENS Group


The ELIXENS group provides raw materials, essential oils plant & fragrance compounds for the perfume, cosmetics & tolietries industries. Present right at the source, from crop to harvest, the group division ELIXENS France has been offering expertise and professionalism for over a quarter of a century in the domain of Flavors for the food industry . Flavors are sources of emotion and pleasure, inspiring product loyalty. Elixens words about Flavors are exceptionally meaningful “Taste asserts the character and identity of food. As producers of sweet and savory flavors, we(Elixens) help our customers enhance their products and preparations through our inventive flavor creators, our technology and innovative approach. With a close eye on changes affecting the food industry and on consumer trends, we have a certain expertise in the industrial challenges facing this sector and we give top priority to food safety.”


3. Greentech


STEVIA from Greentech Since 1996, GREENTECH has developed steviol glycosides, derived from stevia leaves: the Reb A 97 GT. Today, GREENTECH is one of the 3 leading companies in the production of high purity Rebausioside A, Stevis a sweetener with 100% natural origin.


4. Stroever Shellack Bremen (SSB)


Established in 1893 the German SSB is the only manufacturer of highest quality de-waxed flake shellacs with reproducible properties in Europe and worldwide . As a renewable raw material Shellac is adopted in several areas of the food industry, e.g. as a brightener for choco-, yoghurt- and sugar candies, marzipan, wine gums and pralines, as a release agent for snacks, as a brightener for fruits. The shellac coatings intensify the gloss, seal the crown and give a glossy barrier against high humidity and high temperature. Shellac can be used in aqueous solutions and solutions in alcohol. You can specify the solid content, the strength of opacity, with or without additives for all of SSB Splendid solutions.

Examples of Shellac uses in the food industry are:

- Candies (e.g. choclate candies)

- Snacks (Peanuts with choclate coating)

- Chewing gum (glazing agent)

- Finest pastries

- Stamping ink for eges and other foodstuff

- Cheese coating

- Surface treatment for fruits

- And others