Cosmetic Ingredients

In its Pursuit of Satisfying its broad base of Egyptian Cosmetic manufactures Cosmobiopharma has been selected as the reliable partner of some of the global Cosmetic ingredients manufacturers . We are honored being the agent for the following companies


1. Argenol


The leading Spanish Silver manufacturer that has focused its development efforts on Silver Gold Platinum and Tannic Acid derivatives with their different applications in the various industries including Pharmaceutical , cosmetic and personal care industries . Most Argenol products contain silver. Because of the antimicrobial properties of Silver there have been several applications in the cosmetic field. FUNCTIONS: Antimicrobial, Deodorant and Preservative. USES:

- Skin care:

-- Body care (Sensitive / Atopic skin / Shower gels)

-- Hand / foot care (Deodorant / Antifungal)

-- Facial care (Anti-imperfection lotions (acne))

- Toiletries:

-- After shave o Deodorant

-- Depilatories o Hand wash

-- Intimate hygiene

-- Wet wipes

- Hair care

-- Anti dandruff shampoo.


2. CLR Berlin


CLR - Berlin (Chemisches Laboratorium Dr .Kurt Richter GmbH Germany) : CLR - is an independent German company based in Berlin, which develops biologically active cosmetic ingredients with superior levels of in-vitro and in-vivo claim substantiation. CLR’s strength lies in creating innovative efficient and scientifically proven cosmetic ingredients for skin and hair care . Also CLR's highly active cosmetic ingredients fill the diverse requirements of skin and hair, such as protection, stimulation, toning, regeneration, soothing, moisturization and nutrition. Moreover ,CLR’s integrated management system combines both quality and environmental aspects (ISO 9001 and 14001) Specializing in the development of biologically active products, CLR uses state-of-the art methods and technology to ensure high-quality performance and create a stable foundation for future improvements.


3. Greentech


An innovative concept for the future. Since 1992, GREENTECH – France has been developing and producing active ingredients from plants, algae, microalgae and micro-organisms in the cosmetic and nutraceutical fields. Active ingredients from local and worldwide raw materials for local and top cosmetic companies are daily produced in our factories with guarantee of quality. The R&D laboratory has its own large databases (30 000 plants – 300 000 biological molecules) and uses bio informatics, molecular modelling and transcriptomic studies for the rapid and targeted development of new actives. GREENTECH was the first company to supply cosmetic ingredients certified Organic by ECOCERT (France). Today, the company is one of the largest suppliers of Organic ingredients. Greentech supplies the top cosmetic manufacturers such as Dior, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Loreal, and Gatinue, with botanicals


4. Protameen Chemicals


Our partner from US that has been reknown for its quality innovation , Having serviced the ever-changing needs of the cosmetics, toiletries, personal care, pharmaceutical and food related industries for 45+ years Protameen Chemicals brings a wealth of new products and a depth of know –how to the highly lucrative Egyptian market


Besides, Cosmobiopharma is offering its services as a business partner to the following Companies:


1. Domus Chemicals SPA


Excellence in Fatty Esters! Domus Chemicals Spa is an Italian chemicals producer who operates in different industrial sectors since the late ’50s, including the cosmetic one. The main core-business and real know-how remains unchanged with regards to the production and supply of special organic esters, with around 75% of them that belongs from renewable raw materials. More than 30 years' experience in the Personal Care & Cosmetic field has led Domus Chemicals Spa to be recognized as one of the most reliable partners in these field




ECSA Chemicals is the largest Swiss owned company, in terms of warehouses owned (2), specialising in the distribution of chemicals. The company has operated in international distribution and trading since 1913 and its Cosmetics Division has various categories of raw materials, ranging from basics such as emollients, fatty alcohols, emulsifiers, polymers, preservatives, silicone, surfactants, botanical and essential oils, to active ingredients with a specific function.


3. ElIXENS Group


The ELIXENS group provides raw materials, essential oils plant & fragrance compounds for the perfume, cosmetics & tolietries industries. Present right at the source, from crop to harvest, the group divisions, ELIXENS France - raw materials, and FLORESSENCE - fragrance compositions, have been offering expertise and professionalism for over a quarter of a century.


4. Poth-Hille


Poth-Hille Is a UK long established manufacturer and supplier of both natural and synthetic waxes looking to grow their successful business in the cosmetic market sector. As well as a full rage of natural waxes like beeswax, carnauba, rice bran , sunflower and candelilla wax Poth-Hille can offer both synthetic and natural alternatives. Ozokerite and Ceresine Wax, paraffin and microcrystalline wax Poth-Hille can also offer a range of hydrogenated grades of Coconut, castor and rapeseed waxes. Poth –Hille has developed a broad and deep line of depilatory waxes.


5. Stroever Shellack Bremen (SSB)


Established in 1893 the German SSB is the only manufacturer of highest quality de-waxed flake shellacs with reproducible properties in Europe and worldwide . In the cosmetic industry Shellac has many applications such as hair sprays , Mascara , nail polish