About Cosmobiopharma

Cosmobiopharma, as a company, has been endowed with a long array of competencies stemming from its leaders long experience in the global business and its local ramifications in Egypt. Such experience extends to nearly all functions pertinent to the value chain of our target industry starting from R&D up to the end customers/users.


Business development is one of the areas where our company has excelled in choosing and satisfying the right partner. Not unrelated, is our company's strength in having, the well selected partners/products, have access to the Egyptian market. Besides, our marketing experience, with all its elements, allows the candidates to achieve their objectives of penetration and consolidation in Egypt's market.


In all of these functions we have experts who are fully dedicated to perform at the assigned task. Whether, these experts are from within or outsourced, we guarantee completion of any such tasks/functions with the upmost excellence.


Cosmobiopharma has acquired the services of some consultants who are performing many tasks, not to be done on a daily basis like IT, consignment, customs and clearance … etc…